One of the beauties of a holiday in Rome is that you can discover many new and exciting places in the surrounding areas. When the hustle and bustle gets a little too much, or if you’re the type that doesn’t like to stay still for too long, there are plenty of options for further exploration.

Here’s a selection of some of the best day trips from Rome.


Situated 13 miles away from the centre of Rome, Frascati is a pleasant and peaceful town that has been popular with wealthy Italians for many years. The highest quality wine is produced here, so be sure to sample some and pick up a few bottles to take home with you. It’s easily reached by train, so makes a convenient day trip from Rome.

Ostia Lido

On warm Italian days, there’s nothing better than a trip to the beach. If the idea floats your boat, Ostia Lido is a fantastic choice. There are plenty of secluded areas where you won’t be disturbed, so kick back with an ice cream and enjoy a little quiet time. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers for just a couple of Euros, and traders walk up and down the beach selling everything from clothing to fresh fruit.


Tuscany is one of the most popular day trips from Rome, and for a very good reason. You’ll witness beautiful sweeping landscapes, rustic farms, and unspoiled countryside. Most Rome day tours to Tuscany also include a little time at Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a lovingly prepared three-course meal with wine. Take your camera with you, as there are plenty of photograph opportunities along the way.

Fontana del Papa

Fontana del Papa is an Italian cookery school that’s run by locals in a real Italian home. As well as getting to grips with the fantastic cuisine, you’ll also get an insight into typical everyday life in the region. Expect to create delights such as ravioli stuffed with ricotta and truffles, under the guidance of an expert. Your friends and family will undoubtedly enjoy your newfound skills once you return home!

Vatican City

People often consider the Vatican to be part of Rome, but it’s actually a separate place in its own right. With the likes of St. Peter’s Square, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums all to check out, it makes for a great Rome day tour. If you don’t want to miss anything, you might want to consider using the services of a guide.

As you can see, there are many day trips from Rome that can form an exciting part of your break. Always remember though that the city itself has a lot to offer, too. If you’re only visiting for a few days, plan your time wisely to try to fit in everything that you want to do.